Monday, 17 February 2014

Bon voyage to me!

So the day finally came.. Tuesday 21st January, time to fly fly fly away again but off to New Zealand this time...!

Mum and Louise took me to London Gatwick, and after a lovely goodbye fryup breakfast I was on my way through security. Apparently they waited to wave at me but I didn't turn round.. oops. Sorry!

My flight was definitely the long way round.. London - Dubai. Dubai - Singapore. Singapore - Brisbane. (+7 hours in Brisbane airport!). Brisbane - Auckland.

Seriously by the last leg I was so desperate to just bloody get there! Although I did have a stroke of luck, and on my flight from Singapore to Brisbane I was upgraded to business class with Emirates. It made the whole 36 hours of travelling worth it. Kind of.

But then finally on Thursday 23rd January, 3pm local time, I arrived at Auckland airport, with a nice quick trip through customs I headed out to find Gavin (my friends hubby) who had arrived to pick me up. YAY. I was here!

It was sunny too - awesome after the rubbish weather I'd left behind in the UK. On the drive from the airport to Sam and Gav's house in Mission Bay I think I was seriously just dazed out, I couldn't believe I was actually here.

HELLO NEW ZEALAND! IT'S NICE TO SEE YOU! :D And yes.. you were definitely worth the 36 hours of travel. Promise.


(1. Lovely day to leave the UK! 2. Obligatory boarding pass shot. 3. Busy busy plane!  4. My one and only photo of Business class. 5. Brisbane airport - pretty, but I was a bit sick of it by this point! 6. Chocolate heaven at Dubai airport.)

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