Saturday, 22 February 2014

New Chums Beach - Coromandel, New Zealand

So during our time in the Coromandel it was decided that we would spend considerable amounts of time beach hopping, as the area is meant to have some of the most beautiful beaches around.

Our first trip was to New Chums Beach, rated as one of the Top 20 beaches in the world in 2006. Yes that was a while ago now, no we didn't really care.

(Whangapoua Beach)

So - New Chums Beach is in Wainuiototo Bay. Head to Whangapoua beach, where you have to take a bit of a trek across rocks and through forested areas to make it to the amazingly unspoilt and tranquil New Chums Beach.

(walk across the rocks)

There is no food, no drink, not much of anything there but sand, sea and sun if you are lucky (we were). Be prepared and take food and drink with you, and be ready to carry it for approx thirty mins to get to this gorgeous beach.

We spent our afternoon sunbathing, swimming and playing volleyball with a portable net we had taken with us. T'was a glorious day, and being my first real day in the sun, I inevitably got sunburnt, despite reapplying suncream about ten times in the hope I could avoid angry red skin!

(volleyball times)

Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the beach as a whole, so I've borrowed this glorious picture below to show you how nice this beach actually was.

Beautiful, right? Well worth the walk, very quiet and a lovely place to spend your day.

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