Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Here we go again

So, in July 2010 I was full of exciting plans to fly away to Thailand and continue with the travel bug that I had caught at the time.

That didn't happen - I carried on with my normal job, living my normal life and didn't fly away anywhere for quite some time.

However now, I am biting the bullet and heading back off on my travels - come January, I'll be heading to New Zealand for the second (slightly belated) leg of my around the world tour.

So how did this come about, I hear you ask? My best friend moved to New Zealand in June with her other half, as part of a two year secondment he was placed on with his company. I'd booked a flight to go and visit her for three weeks in January - why not, right? And then... I got a bit bored of my job. I got a bit bored of my life, period. And I thought, lets just do it.

So now, my notice has been handed in, my savings account is slowly accumulating funds and as of January 19th I will be off to New Zealand to try and find myself some work. Hopefully... it will go slightly better than my Australia work experience did!!

But hey... even if it doesn't work out and I end up home after five months like last time.. I'm sure it will be far more exciting than life at current!

So here we are... if you're still here and you were desperately hoping for some awesome travel updates from me, you're in luck!

If you've just joined me.. please don't read back through my Australia blog. I was only 21. It's mildly embarrassing...

63 days and counting!

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